paint – church theming and childrens murals

This is the heart and soul of what we do. Our artists have a vast knowledge of the paint systems and application methods utilized in the theming industry. Which is a lot. Considering the materials that we work with; styrofoam, epoxy, metal, fiberglass, wood, plastic, concrete and we have to consider the preparation and protection methods as well. We use water based acrylics, artists acrylics, enamels, epoxies, polyurethanes, bonding and etching primers and one and two part clear coats. And that is just the paint. While spray application is a very fast and efficient technique, the airbrush and HVLP cup guns are just a few tools in our toolbox. You’ll find us using sponges, graining tools, homemade texture rollers, brushes – whatever will help us to achieve the result we are looking for. At the end of the paint process, our artwork is clear coated in the spray booth with a protective finish.


sculpt – 3D work

As much as we love to paint, it is such a treat to set aside the paint brushes and pick up a sculpting tool. That is the beauty of the theming studio – one week an artist could be working on a project that is heavy on airbrushed painting, and the next week carving an 8’ cowboy raccoon out of a Styrofoam block. At MJO Studios we have a complete wood working shop to fabricate almost anything imaginable. We have a certified welder enabling us to design and fabricate armatures and frames for concrete sculptures and structural install elements. A lot of our 3D element are sculpted Styrofoam with an epoxy hard coat. For items that will be exposed to a lot of little feet and the odd kick or two, we beef up with fiberglass. Our wooden structures are built and overseen by a master carpenter with over 40 years experience in the field. Scary talented. Our large rock, trees, signage, giant climbable animals and big, fun stuff are constructed with GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) on a metal armature. We use custom texture rollers and stamps to provide us with realistic textures. The sculptures are then painted and sealed with a protective coating. The on site GFRC construction allows us to really customize the sculpture to the space and ensure that it is a perfect fit.

graphics and signage

What would a themed space be without custom classroom signs, check in signs, way finding signs or giant welcome signs? Our design, print, sculpt and paint capabilities enable us to work on sintra, dibond, coated MDF, vinyl, canvas, wood, styofoam, metal and concrete to produce traditional or dimensional signage. From plasma cut metal signs to carved concrete signage we have the tools, technology and talent to produce almost anything you can dream up. Fortunately, we know our limits and will pass you along to the BIG sign boys if it is something we are not comfortable tackling.


Clients include: