How long does the process take?

With ideal conditions such as a strong concept, established budget and artist ready space the process can take as little as a month from start to finish. The average project is usually around 3-4 months. Of course, the larger the space and the more fabrication required, more time is required. Most installations take 7-14 days on site. Although we aren’t big fans of night work, sometimes it just isn’t practical or possible to work during business hours. Yes, we will work through the night for you.

How much does theming cost?

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Who are your clients?

While lately we have been theming a lot of churches and hospitals, our roster of clients has spanned from hotels to theme parks. We have provided our talents to over 24 Rainforest Café sites across North America, EuroDisney in Paris, Disneyland, Disneyworld, Paramount Pictures and numerous business, institutional and community spaces. Waterparks, theme parks, restaurants, hotels, day care centers, museums, theatres, miniature golf courses, recreation centers, schools, bowling alleys, well…you get it. Almost any space can that can use some loving, we can show up with brushes in hand. We also utilize our scenic painting and sculpting talents for professional theatre sets and museum exhibits.

Do you travel?

Of course! Our projects have taken us to almost every state in the United States, half the Canadian provinces, Paris and United Arab Emirates (UAE)

What materials do you use?

Well, almost everything that you would find on a construction site and a theatre set shop. Our artists are very experienced in all paint, sculpting and fabrication materials, techniques and applications. Wood, fiberglass, plastic, foam, metal and concrete. The majority of our theming utilizes low VOC water based acrylic paint and artists acrylics. For exteriors and areas requiring special attention to environmental conditions and durability, special coating are required. Preparation and protection is very important to us so proper surface preparation and a protective clear coat is standard practice.

Can we help?

We like to say that the best way you can help us is to provide us with a clear, unobstructed space with good lighting, power and no activity. However, there are some tasks which you can do to save us time and you money – priming and base coating. Maybe a little bit of masking too. We are very particular with surface protection and masking and will send a small guide illustrating our methods and standards required if you wish to get a head start.

Do we have to do everything at once?

You can work in stages if that is required due to construction or budget. We can guide you through the process to ensure continuity.

Clients include: