In the Consultation Phase we discuss several theming options: murals, murals and some 3D and completely themed packages. There are two ways clients come to us. They already have a budget and would like to see what that gets them, or they have an idea what they want and need to know what it would cost. Either way, it is best if you have at least a ballpark figure. That way, we won’t provide you with elaborate elements and a design package that you can’t afford or one that leaves you wanting.

Several factors affect the cost of a themed environment depending on the size, location and the level of artwork and 3D elements. For smaller budgets, we find that hand painted murals on site give you the best bang for your buck. Not wallpaper. Actual artists painting directly on the wall and protected with a clear coat. Old school. Because of the customized design and fabrication, 3D elements such as sculptures, check in desks, kiosks, architectural element and dimensional signage are priced individually.

Most theming companies charge between $25-$35 sq.ft. for murals. This is a tricky guideline to follow. It doesn’t allow for the multi detail levels of murals. For example, what if you have a mural that is 1000 sq. ft. but 75% sky and only 25% detail? Would you expect to pay $25,000? Sure, MJO studios would have a new company truck and a nice vacation but it might also eat up 50% of your budget. We find that a pro rated formula to account for varying levels of detail is a much fairer way to price. That same 1000 sq.. ft. mural might now be only $15,000. Our rates fall between $10-$35/ sq.ft.

Element such as location, access, interior vs. exterior, surfaces and material are all factors in the pricing. A mural 30’ above a stairwell on unprepared brick is going to require either elaborate scaffolding or a mechanical lift. Exterior elements require substrates that are durable in all weather conditions.

MJO Studios is the David in the world of theming Goliaths. Small, feisty and talented. Our low overhead and minimal sales and management compared to larger companies allows us to offer our talents at a lower rate. Just simple economics. Subsequently, our quotes are often 25%-40% lower for the same projects. However, if your project is so large that it would leave us overwhelmed and sleepless, we will gladly refer you to our larger friends in the theming community. Being overwhelmed leads to rushed and substandard work and compromises. Not something we want to be know for.

Clients include: