consultation phase


Our process begins with a simple telephone conversation or email correspondence to discuss your ideas and dreams for your space. You may already have a theme and a budget, which is a great help. If not, we can provide you with several concepts that have been successful and an estimated budget for each. At this point there is no fee or commitment. Just friendly chats and the potential for a great working relationship.

concepts phase


Creative ideas are the key to a great design. Brainstorming. Never a bad idea (well almost never) If you already have a theme in mind. Great. That makes our job easier. It’s beneficial for us to get involved early in the concept phase so we can suggest design and fabrication elements to fit your budget. Best bang for your buck. At this point, we provide you with some rough sketches and perhaps a photo montage suggesting what your space will transform into. Still no cost or obligation.

design phase

OK…You chose us! We appreciate your confidence in our talents and will strive to make the rest of the process as enjoyable and non threatening as possible. From the supplied photos, videos, floor plans and concept sketches we develop a design package custom to your space. A strong design is the foundation to a solid theming project. Depending on your budget, we will provide you with black and white or colour renderings, elevations, floor plans and perhaps models or maquettes for 3D elements. A site visit is quite beneficial to ensure accurate measurements for install and to get a better “feel “ for the space.

Since we spend a lot of time in the Design Development we charge a fee that is credited towards the theming project if you proceed.

fabrication phase

Fun time! MJO Studios is a multidisciplinary design and build studio utilizing talented and seasoned artists at the top of their crafts. Welders, carpenters, sculptors and painters. Like art school but without the black clothes and cigarettes. From welded armatures and GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) sculptures to high detail hand painted murals our attention to quality materials and workmanship is our main goal. While most 3D elements are built in our studio and installed on site, there are instances where it is both cost efficient and practical to build on site. In both scenarios a strong line of communication between the client and our studio is essential.

installation phase

Finally! We are on site and the transformation can begin. Not to mention the noise and the mess. We realize that we are guest s in your space and endeavour to be respectful, clean and as efficient as possible. Our priority is to meet your deadline and get out of your hair. We strive to have a SAFE installation process: Superior workmanship, Attention to detail, Fast and Efficient.

Clients include: